About Us

Our company, RT (Ramazan TÜRKHAN) Tekstil San. İthalat İhracat ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., which has been continuing its activities in the textile sector since 1980, by offering products and services within the framework of national and international quality standards with 100% customer satisfaction, was founded by Mr. Ramazan Türkhan, who is still the Chairman of the Board, to manufacture and export fabrics.

As RT Tekstil, we believe that trade requires care, honesty and seriousness. With this awareness, we have continuously improved in line with our principles and provided service.

In realizing this, being able to fully meet our customers' expectations at all times is among our most important issues. As RT Tekstil, our aim is to lead the industry by offering products and services at international quality standards with our advanced technology and expert staff. Permanent friendships with our customers during the delivery of goods and services to our customers both at home and abroad are proof of our customers' satisfaction due to the customer loyalty we have achieved and the goods and services we provide. As RT Tekstil, we know that our employees have the signature on our successes and that quality products and services will be achieved through quality human resources, and we believe that investing in our human resources is the power that will carry us to the future...